Meredith Davis of Your Day by Meredith is one of our preferred wedding planners here at The Power House. We asked her to let us in on some top wedding trends, so here is the scoop!

1. Live Painters

There was a time when the list of wedding vendors only included a photographer, videographer, DJ/band, caterer and florist. Who would have thought we would add a Live Painter to the esteemed list? Here in the South we love to capture every moment of our wedding day via a photographer and a videographer. However, now we’ve decided printing the photos and watching the videos are not enough. Many brides and grooms of 2020, have already booked their Live Painter for their wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception. The most popular scenes chosen to be captured through live paintings are the first dance and the first kiss. These Live Painters arrive several hours before the event to paint the background. Once the moment the couple has chosen to have painted happens, the artist adds the bride, groom and additional elements of the moment. The Live Painter will continue painting throughout the event which offers “entertainment” to guests. The guests love being able to watch the painting come to life throughout the reception!

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2. Indoor Weddings

For many years, outdoor ceremonies have been the trend. Many couples who were guests at those outdoor ceremonies are now the bride and groom and remember what it was like to be a guest. They have attended weddings in the heat of summer and in the chill of fall. In comparing venue amenities, many believe an indoor option for the ceremony is now a must. With the evolution of restored cotton mills, train stations, and tobacco barns as options for indoor venues, the typical country club or church look are a thing of the past. The open floor plans, original brick walls and wooden floors offer limitless opportunities when it comes to decor. We see the theme of the ceremony as well as the reception seem to blend better with the similarity in lighting and aesthetics. When ceremonies are held indoors the transition from the ceremony space to the reception space is almost seamless. Another advantage of having indoor accommodations is the freedom to choose a date in any season. You can choose a wedding date in the dead of winter or the middle of summer. Let’s face it, we all love air conditioning in the spring/summer and heat in the fall/winter so keep those ceremonies indoors people!

3. Tradition is Gone

Times are changing! Twenty years ago and before weddings were only about tradition. We all followed our mothers and grandmothers previous traditions. Now the more unique the better. In the past brides walked down the aisle at the chime of the hour where now the ceremony itself starts on the hour. There was a time when every wedding had a soloist or a duet perform at least one song. It is so rare to see anyone perform at a wedding within the last five years because when paying a DJ for their services it seems natural to have him play all prerecorded music. Receptions are not just mints and peanuts anymore. Who knew there were so many “bar” options? We are all familiar with the bar where alcohol is served but know we have coffee bars, s’mores bars, biscuit bars, popcorn bars, and the list can go on and on. Another change in tradition is how couples choose to exit their reception. At one time couples chose rice or birdseed to throw as the couple ran to their getaway car. Now the two main exits are confetti and sparklers. Even though times and traditions continue to change, the one practice we believe will always remain traditional is the exchange of vows and rings. Considering those two practices are what actually make you husband and wife, let’s hope those traditions never change.

All photos were taken by Tiffany L. Johnson Photography.