We are excited to share this Q&A with bride-to-be Asia Robinson. She and her fiancé AJ Pate are getting married at The Power House in December. It promises to be a holiday to remember for this down-to-earth couple.

How did you and AJ meet and how did you get engaged?

AJ and I met because AJ is my brother’s best friend. They were always together. Some would think this would make for an awkward situation. Instead, my brother said, “Who better to date my little sister than my amazing best friend?” AJ proposed in front of our new (and first) home. Simple and sweet.

Tell us a little bit about you and AJ.

I work at the Wilson Chamber of Commerce as the Marketing and Events Manager. AJ works at ESI as a Quality Engineer. We both grew up in North Carolina for the most part.

What made you and AJ choose the Power House for your wedding venue?

AJ and I chose the Power House because we lived in the area for a very long time, and were even around when the idea came about. We watched the area transform into this beautiful creation and tribute to Rocky Mount’s history. We began going to The Mills when Sweet Taters opened (now closed) and have been going ever since. The Mills has seen our relationship blossom in the way that we have seen it blossom. There is something incredibly intimate and beautiful about that. So, why not have a Christmas wedding at one of our favorite places?!

What kind of style/decor will you have at the wedding?

Our decor will be in conjunction with the existing decor for Christmas and the Power House colors. Our colors are maroon and navy. Of course, we have to incorporate some snowflakes and gingerbread men in there. It’s an evening wedding so there will be warm candlelight. Not to mention, the exposed brick and industrial feel makes all of these style choices even more inviting.

Was there anything else about Rocky Mount Mills that made it an attractive venue for you?

Aside from all of the warm and fuzzy feels that we get from Rocky Mount Mills, it’s also very practical. It’s affordable, accommodating, and has other attractions. The Mills provides lodging, food, entertainment, the Tar River, shops, and so much more. My out-of-town guests could not be more thrilled that it is basically a one stop shop trip.

What are your hopes for the big day?

My hope for the wedding is that the day is representative of the love that AJ and I share in addition to the love that we share for our family, friends, and Rocky Mount Mills.
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