We asked one of our preferred wedding planners, Meagan Graddy of I Do Magnolia to highlight a wedding that she has planned and executed at The Power House at Rocky Mount Mills. Here’s her take on weddings at our space

Tell me a little bit about your background and your style philosophy: where you’re from, how long you’ve been in business, how you’d describe your work.

I coordinated my first wedding 8 years ago when I was living in Wilmington, NC. I was in school for Communication Studies, specializing in events at UNCW. I have a catering and event service background, and took a job after college as the Pastry Chef & Assistant Catering Manager at Barton College. I later went on to work as the manager of Lou Reda’s, An American Table, before going full time in my own business.

I was born in NY, but we moved down to NC when I was a baby, and I’ve been here ever since.

I concentrate a lot on the personalities and unique stories of the couples, and my style philosophy is very reflective of that personalized experience. I lean towards more timeless, clean lines, and focus on southern charm.

Why do you like The Power House for a wedding venue?

I love that the Power House is industrial, while still having wonderful natural light. The high ceilings allow for a lot of drama when we’re creating designs, and the three different spaces wrapped into one allow us the room to get creative in each space and still allow room for a large number of guests.

What kind of style/decor did you have at the wedding? Was there anything about the space that inspired your choices?

The couple wanted something classic and timeless, so we opted for a neutral color palette paired with a beautiful crayon blue that added a beautiful color pop. The florist, Bill Hamilton, integrated very floral-focused designs, which were definitely a trend in 2019, and was a turn from the heavy uses of greenery that we have been seeing in years past.

Power House Blog QAWe had an 8 foot chalkboard wall built as a custom Photo backdrop, and brought in specialty seating and tables to create more of a ‘cocktail style’ reception, rather than a seated dinner.

Because of the layout of the Power House, we were able to setup food stations throughout the space, which allowed guests to move around and utilize all areas.

Was there anything else about Rocky Mount Mills that made it an attractive venue for you?

Absolutely! Hosting events at the Power House is wonderful, because guests are able to move over to the beer garden after the reception ends if they wish to continue the party, and they’re also able to book a tiny home stay, so there’s no fear of drinking and driving.

What are your best tips for pulling off a wedding that’s elegant and fun?

Well the obvious plug here is to say ‘hire a planner’, but ultimately, you will want to hire a staff of professional vendors who can provide exceptional food service and create an atmosphere that is fun and welcoming.

The way a space is decorated sets the tone for how the event is expected to go, so if you spend all of your money on the space or the entertainment, and then opt to buy cheap linens and use disposable dishes— you have to work harder to establish that atmosphere you’re trying to attain.

That is not to say that events can’t be beautiful with less expensive linens and plates— it just means that you may have to work a bit harder at the onset to gain the attention of your guests.

Black and White Photo is by Tiffany L Johnson Photography
Color photo is by Junco Pine Arts